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Prominent scientists sign declaration that animals have conscious awareness, just like us | io9 Gizmodo | August 2012 An international group of prominent scientists has signed The Cambridge Declaration on Consciousness in which they are proclaiming their support for the idea that animals are conscious and aware to the degree that humans are — a list of animals that includes

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Working Undercover in a Slaughterhouse: an interview with Timothy Pachirat | Medium | August 2014 Timothy Pachirat is Assistant Professor of Political Science at the University of Massachusetts Amherst and the author of Every Twelve Seconds: Industrialized Slaughter and the Politics of Sight (Yale University Press, 2011), an ethnographic account of his undercover job in a cattle slaughterhouse. “I wanted

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Deer and bunny embrace inner Bambi and Thumper | USA Today | August 2015 ESTES PARK, Colo. – Get ready to be overloaded in some cuteness! Steve and Vicky Johnsen took this video of a young deer and a rabbit getting to know one another last Thursday. Embracing their inner “Bambi” and “Thumper” – the two played for 30 to

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‘Sea Slaves’: The Human Misery That Feeds Pets and Livestock | New York Times | July 2015 Men who have fled servitude on fishing boats recount beatings and worse as nets are cast for the catch that will become pet food and livestock feed.

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167: Nihilism | xkcd | October 2006 “Why can’t you have normal existential angst like all the other boys?”

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Overpopulation, overconsumption – in pictures | Guardian | April 2015 How do you raise awareness about population explosion? One group thought that the simplest way would be to show people.

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Is this haunting picture proof that chimps really DO grieve? | Daily Mail | October 2009 United in what appears to be profound grief, a phalanx of more than a dozen chimpanzees stood in silence watching as the body of one of their own was wheeled past.

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Zoo Animals and Their Discontents | New York Times | July 2014 Do donkeys get depressed? Are some aoudads anxious? And what can a zoo’s shrink do to help ease their minds?