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When Did Humans Start Shaping Earth’s Fate? An Epoch Debate | NPR | April 2015 Some scientists suggest calling the era we live in the Anthropocene, to denote the time when humans came to dominate Earth’s fate. But did it start with farming, the atom bomb or another event?

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Mass Deaths in Americas Start New CO2 Epoch | Scientific American | March 2015 A new proposal pegs the start of the Anthropocene to the little ice age and the Columbian Exchange. 1610 should be considered the start date of a new, proposed geologic epoch—the Anthropocene, or recent age of humanity—according to the authors of a new study published in

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Human Beings Are Changing the Structure of the Earth. Here’s How. | io9 | October 2013 We’re no longer living in the Holocene—the geological time period that started nearly 12,000 years ago at the end of the last ice age. We’re in the “Anthropocene"—the age of humans—and it’s changing our understanding of geology, the environment, and time.