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The Bible Is Dead; Long Live the Bible | Chronicle of Higher Education | April 2011 The Bible is anything but univocal about anything. It is a cacopho­ny of voices and perspectives, often in conflict with one another. 

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The Slow Death of the University | Chronicle of Higher Education | April 2015 Terry Eagleton:  Bean counters, bureaucrats, and barbarians are to blame.

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Iowa Legislator Wants to Give Students the Chance to Fire Underwhelming Faculty | Chronicle of Higher Education | April 2015 The bill, introduced by Sen. Mark Chelgren, a Republican, would require the state’s public universities to rate professors’ performance based solely on students’ evaluations of their teaching effectiveness. Professors whose evaluation scores didn’t reach a minimum threshold would be automatically

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Scholars Take Aim at Student Evaluations’ ‘Air of Objectivity’ Student course evaluations are often misused statistically and shed little light on the quality of teaching, two scholars at the University of California at Berkeley argue in the draft of a new paper. “We’re confusing consumer satisfaction with product value,” Philip B. Stark, a professor of statistics at Berkeley, said in

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In Cheeky Pushback, Colleges Razz Rate My Professors Many professors assail the website and anything that might give it credence. But at least some faculty members have recently concluded that the best way to challenge the site and its unsubstantiated ratings is to mock it without mercy.

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Why I’m Asking You Not to Use Laptops | Chronicle of Higher Education | August 2014 ‘On the first day of class, students and I spend the first 30-40 minutes learning something new about how language works (in order to set the tone for the class), and then we go over the syllabus. When we get to the laptop policy,

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