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Talking while female: an expert guide to the things you definitely should not say | The Guardian | May 2016 I don’t want to read any more op-eds about what women should or should not say. Let’s just make things easier for everyone by laying down some ground rules that put a stop to the confusion: a Dictionary of WomanSpeak

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Can Handwriting Make You Smarter? | Wall Street Journal | April 2016 Students who take notes by hand outperform students who type, and more type these days, new studies show.

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The Biggest Body Language Mistakes You Can Make In a Job Interview | Lifehacker | January 2016 Failing to make eye contact: 67 percent Failing to smile: 39 percent Playing with something on the table: 33 percent Having bad posture: 30 percent Fidgeting too much in their seats: 30 percent

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The Healthy Uncomfortable | December 2015 Do I keep doing what’s always been done, or challenge old assumptions and try new approaches to problems? Do I proactively seek new challenges or just manage those I already have? Do I risk being exposed and vulnerable, or act to protect my pride and patch of power? Do I ask for what I

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Do the Best Professors Get the Worst Ratings? | Psychology Today | May 2013 To summarize the findings: because they didn’t teach to the test, the professors who instilled the deepest learning in their students came out looking the worst in terms of student evaluations and initial exam performance.

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Trigger-unhappy: Student “safety” has become a real threat to free speech on campus | Economist | June 2015 From town-sized public universities to tiny liberal-arts colleges, students have declared and administrators accepted that teachers or visiting speakers should aim for a psychologically safe learning environment, avoiding ideas or imagery that might prove distressing.

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Famous quotes, the way a woman would have to say them during a meeting. | Washington Post | October 2015 “Give me liberty, or give me death.”Woman in a Meeting: “Dave, if I could, I could just — I just really feel like if we had liberty it would be terrific, and the alternative would just be awful, you know?

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