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The Onion Has Become America’s Finest Marxist News Source | The New Republic | February 2014 What it tells us is that we’ve accepted Marx’s basic view of capital so thoroughly that we treat it like obvious, intuitive truth—the kind necessary for any kind of broadly appealing humor. 

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Guy In Philosophy Class Needs To Shut The Fuck Up | The Onion | September 2005 HANOVER, NH—Darrin Floen is unfamiliar with John Stuart Mill’s theory of cramming it for a change.

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Professor Deeply Hurt by Student’s Evaluation | The Onion | April 1996 A classic from the archives. Leon Rothberg, Ph.D., a 58-year-old professor of English Literature at Ohio State University, was shocked and saddened Monday after receiving a sub-par mid-semester evaluation from freshman student Chad Berner. The circles labeled 4 and 5 on the Scan-Tron form were predominantly filled in,

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