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Sold: National parks go to the highest corporate bidder | Seattle Times | July 2015 “The corporatization process started with ‘co-branding’ agreements, rationalized by Park Service officials as ‘aligning the economic and historical legacies’ of parks with advertisers. In other words, they’re selling the Park Service’s proud public brand — as well as its soul.”

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The End of Neighborhood Schools | NPR | March 2015 New Orleans is home to the nation’s first all-charter district. Is this the future of education?

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A Truly Devastating Graph on State Higher Education Spending | The Atlantic | March 2013 The chart below from the Center On Budget and Policy Priorities estimates how much each of the 50 states has slashed per-student funding for its university systems since the start of the recession, adjusted for inflation. In Arizona, where the cuts were the deepest, funding

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Colleges are full of it: Behind the three-decade scheme to raise tuition, bankrupt generations, and hypnotize the media | Salon | June 2014 Excerpt: Over the last 30-odd years we have essentially privatized higher ed. In saying this I’m not referencing the defunding of our State U’s (an explanation for the tuition spiral, by the way, that doesn’t get nearly

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