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What is neoliberalism? | Boing Boing | April 2016

Neoliberalism is the ideology of Hayek, Friedman, Reagan, Thatcher,
Pinochet, Mulroney and the other business-lionizing, union-bashing,
greed-is-good politicians who effectively took over the world in the
early 1980s, when Thatcher famously declared “There is no alternative.”

Though the early adherents of neoliberalism used the term proudly to
describe themselves, as neoliberalism gained ascendancy, the actual name
of the ideology vanished. The world had no word for neoliberalism for
the same reason fish wouldn’t have a word for water. It was (as George
Monbiot writes), as though the citizens of the USSR hadn’t had a word
for “communism.”

Original post:  George Monbiot, The Guardian, “Neoliberalism – the ideology at the root of all our problems,” 15 April 2016